Strategic Partnerships

Control Infotech Inc. - “Energy Automation - Smart Grid” Siemens Solution Partner.

The Siemens Solution Partner Program selects and qualifies companies based on their Siemens product and applications expertise, and their proven commitment to deliver quality solutions. Control Infotech, Inc. meets the qualification criteria with a nationally known reputation as an expert in Power Engineering that extends into both the utility and industrial markets.

This partnership brings together strengths of Siemens in automation and smart grid products, with the exceptional engineering, procurement and construction expertise of Control Infotech. Together, the two companies can offer un-paralleled value by delivering reliable and operation-safe energy supply solutions to their industrial and utility clients, including complete pre-packaged and productized power equipment centers.

This Solution Partner agreement formalizes our long standing partnership with Siemens Protection Systems, Smart Grid Division and will enable us to better represent our capabilities to our customers both within Siemens and the customer community at large.

Siemens Solution Partner – Automation

A reliable indicator for top quality

Using the “Siemens Solution Partner” name, selected system integrators act as solution providers, qualified to a uniform global standard, for the Siemens range of products and services in the field of automation. Control Infotech is a proud Siemens Solution partner fro Automation.

True quality that guides you toward success – that is what the Siemens Solution Partner Program stands for. Its declared aim is to promote the quality of Siemens partners and to give a unique competitive edge. To this end, Siemens concentrates on two essential aspects: on contractually agreed quality criteria for their partners and on optimum processes for providing the best support to the partners In turn Partners apply their certified product and system expertise, as well as their excellent knowledge of the sector, for your benefit to satisfy all your requirements.

The global acceptance of our program underscores the quality standard that Siemens partners implement worldwide. The backbone of our portfolio and the basis for customized solutions that our we implement for you: Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)

Control Infotech Pvt. Ltd. becomes a partner of Zyfra

Control Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has become a partner of the Zyfra Group for the sale and technical support of MDCplus. Control Infotech’s deep system integration and IIoT skills will be used in promoting Zyfra’s products to strengthen its presence in the Indian machine tool market.

IIoT technologies, i.e., connecting machines, robots and other assets to the internet to create a single information space, has been playing an increasingly vital role for enterprises in many industries. Companies understand that implementing cutting edge digital solutions means competitive advantage for them. The Zyfra partnership with Control Infotech brings together professional expertise, business skills, innovative technologies and the best practices of their implementation.

“Our cooperation with Control Infotech opens up opportunities for a good synergy,” said Pavel Rastopshin, Zyfra Group Managing Director, “Zyfra’s MDCplus solution that Control Infotech will be implementing is a real-time machine monitoring system and manufacturing data collection (MDC) for equipment and personnel. It has already proved its efficiency at several enterprises in Europe and Asia. MDCplus works with hundreds of customizable reports and charts that can be used to track operations and personnel activities. It enables to evaluate the overall equipment efficiency and production costs, to record scrap, and to determine downtime. This is the first step to increasing productivity of the whole enterprise”.

“We chose Zyfra’s MDCplus after very close evaluation of the existing IIoT software companies focusing on the machine tool industry” said Anand Taparia, CEO, Control Infotech-Digital. “India and specifically the area in and around Bangalore, where we are head-quartered, has several machine shops. We are convinced that Zyfra’s MDCplus application which has been developed ground-up for the machine tool industry will add significant value to these industries by unleashing the information and insights previously not available”.

About Zyfra: Zyfra was established in 2017 and currently operates in India, Finland, China, Russia, Bulgaria. It develops industrial digitalization technologies, invests in digital products, and improves the IIoT and AI environment. Zyfra develops readymade solutions for machinery, metallurgy, mining, oil & gas, and chemical enterprises. By the end of 2018 more than 270 production facilities were equipped with its products. By applying cutting edge data science combined with industrial expertise, Zyfra provides end-to-end solutions for optimizing production speed, quality, and costs.