Power Automation Solutions

Power Management Systems

Design and build of generator control and protection systems supporting gas turbines, steam turbines and engine based systems. Generator Control Panel includes automatic voltage regulation, generator protective relaying, machine synchronization and power metering and monitoring. KW and KVAR sharing algorithms are provided either through dedicated controllers or PLCs talking to various power blocks via industrial hardened communication protocols and hardwired signals. Open and closed transition systems are designed based on project needs. Typically, a local HMI station is included both for visualization and or as a node to a plant wide SCADA or DCS for power management.



  • Generator supervision, coordination and load demand management/bus optimization
  • Power plant management
  • Operator assisted power plant startup & shut down
  • Switchgear monitoring & automation
  • Fast load shedding / normal load shedding / step loading
  • Adjustment of active/reactive power output
  • Load side power monitoring and management
  • Monitoring & control of balance of plant equip
  • Integration with upper level DCS & process control systems

Power Management One Line

Generator Detail Screen

Power Management PLC Based Control System

Paralleling Switchgear Main Screen

Paralleling Switchgear Control Screen

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