Power Automation Solutions

Traction Power Controls & SCADA

Control Infotech has vast experience and knowledge in controls and SCADA systems for traction power substations. Our engineers tie various components (switchgear, protective relays, PLC’s, & HMI’s) together into a cohesive system for our customer base of traction power OEM’s and municipalities. We integrate AC/DC Power in substations with Automation, electrical protection & relaying and SCADA.




TPSS Main SCADA Screen


  • Traction Power Monitoring & Control
  • SCADA & HMI Design
  • DCAM - Distribution Control Automation and Moitoring System
  • Automatic Fault Detection & Service Restoration
  • AC & DC Protective Relay Programming
  • Onsite Start-Up & Service
  • Interface to transit management (OCC) systems
  • Transfer Trip Functions

Typical TPSS Control & SCADA Block Diagram

Typical TPSS Control & SCADA Block Diagram

DCAM Overall Architecture

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