Power Automation Solutions

Renewables Integration

Control Infotech now applies our substation automation domain expertise in the realm of utility grid tie solar generation plants. Complete solutions from Grid-tie engineering, protection & Control panel build, relay programming & PV plant asset monitoring are among the solutions we offer our customers. Our SCADA system is technologically the most advanced offering user friendly rich features & non- proprietary commercially available software package – thus benefiting our customers with a stable and powerful monitoring and control platform and peace of mind.


Solar SCADA Block Diagram


  • Full SCADA capabilities, including real time update, local data storage, report by exception (RPE), dead band filtering, onsite historian - built in to the base
  • Full support for IoS and Android devices
  • Over 100 drivers & protocols
  • Inverter & device control capability
  • Supports up to 2x2 redundancy
  • Cloud hosting available
  • Full analytical functionality for any and all data retrieved at the plants.
  • Ability to take weather data in from a local provider, and incorporate into a 1-11 hour forecast

Solar Dashboard

Solar SCADA Architecture

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